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  • The Ultimate Vegan Veggie Bowl!

    veggie bowl recipe

    Looking for a new, and refreshing meal to whip up for lunch or dinner? I’ve got you covered with this super-duper whoppa veggie bowl! That’s right! It has everything you need for a healthy, nourishing meal! It’s packed with protein, fiber, color, flavor, and so much more! This vegan veggie bowl is bursting with probiotics, from my […]

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  • How To Make Vegan Gnocchi Like A Pro!

    vegan gnocchi

    Who said you can’t be healthy, vegan, and still have fun? 🙂 On today’s menu, we have vegan gnocchi! That’s right, darlings! This is another inspired recipe, from our fantastic trip to Italy. Using only 5 basic ingredients, that you probably already have in your pantry, I whipped up a vegan version, of the mouth-watering Italian gnocchi. They’re […]

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  • Oven Roasted Vegetables With Infused Olive Oil

    oven roasted vegetables

    Monday’s for me, are all about experimenting with different ingredients, and flavors, in my cozy kitchen! Last week, when I was at the organic store, I picked up a few chestnut pumpkins, to try out. Well darlings, this mouth-watering veggie perfectly complimented my exceptionally pleasing, oven roasted vegetables!  I roughly chopped some potatoes, added a few cauliflower florets, […]